Custom Web Development

For attractive, effective, digital design


Complete Web Design

For small to medium-sized businesses, we will build custom websites designed around your content to meet your business goals. A team perfectly suited to your project will create a unique and compelling online experience for your company. Check out the Process page for details.

Freelance Development

For corporations and agencies needing freelance work, the owner of Deep Surface will work with internal teams to turn designs into responsive sites using ExpressionEngine, Craft, and Statamic content management systems. These business-class systems offer the perfect mix of flexibility and efficiency for a wide variety of projects.

Responsive Rebuilds

In April this year, Google changed their algorithm to favor responsive sites. If you want to keep the general look of your fixed-width site, we can rebuild it responsively, allowing you to reach the growing mobile market and improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Read more about why responsive design is increasing in importance.

Additions and Conversions

Need a new feature or some minor changes for your website? If it is built with ExpressionEngine (EE), Statamic, or Craft, we can help. If you are unhappy with the performance or capabilities of your current content management system (CMS), we can convert it to EE, Craft or Statamic, upgrading your site and your editing experience.

Recent Projects


Hopstories hired Deep Surface to make their website easier to update. We moved the site from Jekyll to Statamic, a Content Management System (CMS) with a great user interface. Not only is it easer to add and update content, their new Statamic CMS makes it much easier for future integration of their blog, photo galleries, and store.

DTS Play-Fi

DTS asked Deep Surface to to create a responsive website showcasing their new speaker technology. The site explains the applications, has a small e-commerce store, and a heavily used FAQ page. We are in the process of making the site multi-lingual, implementing seven languages.