Custom Web Development

For attractive, effective, digital design

Deep Surface is owned by Sean O'Brien, a web developer and project manager serving digital agencies and businesses. Some of the reasons why you should work with Deep Surface:

1. Versatility

I will work as a contractor for businesses of any size or team up with digital agencies to provide development services. I can put together a great team to tackle larger projects if you need more than web development.

2. Responsive experience

Since the the term responsive web design was coined, I have built only responsive websites, although I'm happy to perform maintenance on older sites that are just "desktop-friendly." Read more about why responsive design is increasing in importance.

3. Content-first

I work to get final content before development even starts. This allows design and development to happen around the content, leading to designs that are structurally and aesthetically beautiful.

4. Team integration

An effective modern design process requires developers to work closely with designers. I believe an iterative, agile environment where development is actively involved from the beginning produces the best results. I work better as an integral part of a team, whether it's a team I build or join.

5. Better content management

I use business-class content management systems such as ExpressionEngine and Statamic in most projects. These systems offer the perfect mix of flexibility and efficiency, enabling quick development of websites clients can easily edit.

6. Surface and depth

The name Deep Surface gets at the tension that can exist in a creative project between appearance and structure, between innovation and pragmatism. My history in design and development allow me to combine these often competing interests to achieve business goals.

Recent Projects

DTS Play-Fi

DTS asked Deep Surface to to create a responsive website showcasing their new speaker technology. The site explains the applications, has a small e-commerce store, and a heavily used FAQ page. We are in the process of making the site multi-lingual, implementing seven languages.

Noble Healthcare

Cynthia Noble needed brand development and a website for her newly independent gynecological practice. She loved our idea of using images inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's suggestive floral paintings. Most new patients now learn about her pracrtice through this website.